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Agility in business is often defined as the ability of a firm to sense and respond to business opportunities in order to stay innovative and competitive in a turbulent and quickly changing business environment. An agile firm (one that demonstrates agility) has the capabilities and processes to respond to unexpected environmental changes.
In today's business environment, it is simply no longer enough to react to changing market conditions or customer demands. Companies must become agile by developing foresight—the ability to anticipate how events and trends in business will unfold.

Agile companies anticipate future trends and know what their customers are going to want.

Agility is neither a new business concept nor an all-encompassing competitive model—but simply a competency that must be matched with the turmoil of the times, and must be integrated with the rest of the business strategy.

EYES offers the expertise that a company needs to develop to reach a proactive-oriented organisation. We intend to provide a number of necessary services to the business community and to the public sector.

These services are part of a practical, step-by-step guide for developing and implementing agile organization and processes.

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